MTG: First Impressions


Welcome to the first Hops and Heroes Magic Blog Post. We’re going to be starting up a column here that focuses on MTG and the Hops and Heroes Store, including the three pillars the store is built on – Comics, Community, and Charity. I’ll be your host through most of the Magic posts but we’re looking forward to some great guest posts and other featured writers!

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About Me

I’ve only been playing Magic since May of 2017 (so that’s four months as of this post), and I can say without hesitation that it’s the best game I’ve ever played. That’s one reason I’m so excited about this column, because I can share my passion for Magic with others. But, I’m also excited to make our shared MTG community stronger and more active. By researching and sharing what I learn, as well as reporting on local MTG events, I hope to reach out to players new and old and help Hops and Heroes make a positive impact in Austin. I’m always looking for feedback and open to ideas if you guys want to see me research or discuss something in particular!


Why do I love Magic?

I was totally hooked on Magic when I went to my first draft. My boyfriend and I started by playing a couple starter decks, which was enjoyable but I wasn’t obsessed. Then I drafted, and it was done, I was in love. I didn’t realize a card game could be so dynamic and creative. During the draft you’re selecting your best possible deck from a shrinking pool of cards. Then you’re building a carefully crafted deck and dueling other opponents who made their decks from the same pool of cards but somehow managed to build something entirely different with synergies and plays you may not have even considered.

Beyond draft, the core elements of Magic make it the best game I’ve ever played. There’s what feels like an endless selection of cards and different game formats that take advantage of all of them. There’s an element of randomness that can allow even the most novice of players a chance against seasoned veterans. And there are the synergies and themes that tie sets together and make for an expansive fantasy experience. Altogether it makes for a wonderful game that can be enjoyed by anyone.


Store Wars!

This past August I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the Austin Store Wars, it was an awesome charitable event that brought together eight local stores and pitted them against each other in various formats – draft, legacy, modern, and standard. The winner received $800 to donate to the charity of their choice – congrats Pat’s Games! They donated $200 to the African Mother’s Health Initiative and $600 to other charities.


I played in the Modern format with Juan Meraz’s Ponza Madcap Moon deck and it was a blast. Although I lost every match-up I still learned SO much and even managed to win a game in two of my three match-ups. Modern is a crazy powerful format with carefully built decks that allows cards from core and expansion sets starting from Eighth Edition and onwards (excluding a small banlist). A benefit to Modern is that cards don’t rotate out. So apart from an initial investment in a good or fun deck, you’re set to play for as long as you want!


Thank You!

Thanks for sticking around and reading this column! I can’t wait to get into more Magic stuff and would welcome feedback from the community!


Keep playing!

Meike R.




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